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Venetian Plasters Made Easy

Venetian plasters give that natural and elegant finish to your walls. You may have heard about this type of technique but not sure about what it is. Venetian is simply a technique which refers to the semi-translucent tint that contains “marble powder” as the main ingredient. But a good professional can manipulate the plaster to mirror concrete or stone or even wood. If you are working on a budget but want something unique for your home or place of business, the Venetian plaster technique is the perfect option for you.

Simple Yet Complicated

It might seem simple at first glance when you browse do-it-yourself videos on the Internet. But this type of technique is very tricky. The final product should feature a two-tone look common to a marble surface and should prevent your walls from looking flat. Venetian plaster technique immediately adds value to your home or office, giving a certain charm to what previously is a boring room. As a rule of thumb, when you add more layers to the coat, you get more depth. But whether or not you achieve that look is contingent on the method you use. A common mistake by amateurs is to apply too thick a paint on the first coat in the Venetian plasters when the opposite gives a more desired effect. You apply thinly and adjust accordingly.

Leave It To Professionals

We often hear homeowners who decided to adopt any of the Venetian plaster technique they thought they learned through hours of watching YouTube complain that it’s very difficult. That should already be the warning signal right there that should tell them they are doing it all wrong. The process should be simple because we know how it is done. There’s no one way to apply Venetian plasters and each technique can achieve a very different result. We know all the tricks of the trade and it is always our policy to take the less expensive route to achieve the same result. This is so we can help our clients save whatever penny they can because we understand that they are already suffering from the burden of the global economic slowdown.