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Interior Painting is not as easy as it looks

You may see from the movies a couple moving into their new house and doing the painting on their own. You may see them smiling all throughout the process as they apply the new coating with rollers and brushes and you think to yourself, “well, that was easy enough.” However, there’s a large part of the procedure that the movies skipped. If you want to have a professional-looking interior paint, you have to do the preparation.

What is the preparation?

Preparing the surface actually takes up more than 80% of the whole task. That’s why those couples in movies were very happy because they applied the interior painting all wrong. Even before you apply the first coat of paint, you have to clean the walls. If the walls have not previously been painted, you clean them with a damp cloth and soap then allow it to dry. If you want to change the colour of your walls, you have to scrape and sand the walls until no paint is left. Again, clean the dust with a damp cloth and soap then allow it to dry.

Using a painter’s tape, you should tape all the switches, door and window edges, countertops, cabinets and woodwork to avoid getting paint on them. With a lightweight spackle, even out all the heads of the nails, dents or cracks and that’s before you even apply the primer making sure also to use water-based paint on concrete and oil-based paint on wood on your interior paint.

Sounds like hard work isn’t it?

Indeed, applying the coat of interior paint is the easiest and, some even claim, the fun part. But the right preparation will mean the difference in the quality of the finish product or the longevity of your interior painting. Even if you buy the most expensive brand, it won’t still stick to the surface long enough if you fail to follow the above steps.

Let us take that problem from your hands

Why go through all that hassle when you can hire interior painting professionals to do that for you? The one thing that makes people hesitate is the perception that it’s going to be expensive. But you can have the room painted with no missed spots from just $99.00. Our workers can finish the interior paint job according to your schedule and we can send workers to your location immediately the next day after you sign that contract.