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 “…Work was done sooner than we planned and an excellent job performed for a very fair price. Just want to say thanks to Murat and his crew for a great experience!”   David Dunlap

Exterior Painting

A fresh exterior paint can transform your house in the easiest and cheapest way compared to other remodelling projects. Unlike interior paint where you can probably get away with a sloppy job, you can’t do so with your exterior. With the proper application, you can actually protect your investment as you extend the lifespan of your house by safeguarding it from the elements like sun, rain or wind. In the hands of the professionals and with the right material, your new paint will easily last for a decade.

Before applying that first coat

The preparation necessary before application of the exterior paint is the most crucial element and the one thing that will spell the success of your project. The complexity of the task multiplies according to the dimension and height of the house. If you reside in a two-storey house, for example, you need a tall and sturdy enough ladder to reach tall surfaces. We use pressure washers for those hard-to-clean grimes and we scrub thoroughly all the corners of the surface to make sure there’s no dust, power or residue left when we apply the first primer for the exterior painting. The pressure washer is very strong and delicate at the same time. It takes a particular skill to operate it since it can shatter glass and scrape wood.

Even colouring

A red oil-based paint and red water-based paint may look the same on the can but when applied, there might be a slight difference in colour between the concrete and wooden surface. It can be downright annoying when you apply layers and still couldn’t get the right tint right. The professional painter knows how to adjust accordingly in order to achieve that even colouring on the exterior paint. If you need unique colouring on your exterior painting project, we can also mix a specific colour that couldn’t be found anywhere else. So your house will really stand out in the neighbourhood.

Professionals you can trust

We have hundreds of references so you know our painters can be trusted. You don’t have to worry about your valuables as you allow strangers into your own home. We can even give you the numbers of people near your area so you can see for yourself our exterior painting output as well as talk to our previous customers about their experiences with us. We will send you regular updates about the paint job up until our painters finish the task.