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Colour Consultants Help Achieve the Perfect Harmony

When building a home or office, you may hire civil engineers, architects or interior designers but nobody really thinks about hiring colour consultants because they seem redundant. But this is actually an esteemed industry that takes a lot of precision and skill. Some even take consultancy certificates even before they can practice. The one mistake that business owners make is to choose a personal colour favourite when deciding to paint their office. This is especially true if they are not certain about what tint they should have in their office. Unlike your home where you could probably get away with having mismatched hues, your office says a lot about your brand. Professional colour consultants help you avoid the wrong choices, which could eventually prove disastrous.

Influencing moods

Have you ever felt heaviness when entering an office? Or you feel cheerful even if you don’t know why when entering an establishment? It’s easier to discern the reason for the heaviness if you go to the hospital for example or why you feel happy inside a toy store. The Toronto colour consultant can actually influence moods by the colour of the room. Professional colour consultants just know what tints to choose that would click with your target audience. Hospitals, for example, are usually painted white because they try to denote cleanliness and hygiene although the downside is it could be boring. Another example: the colour red is not associated with spas and other health centres because it is the colour of passion, energy and strong emotions. Blue, meanwhile, symbolises calmness and peacefulness. You would pink is the colour of femininity but it also symbolises life, purity and sexuality.

No room for mistake

Colour consultants help you find the right balance among your customers. It takes a lot of skill to be able to incorporate your company values and your company objectives into the colour of your walls. You don’t want the customers leaning too much toward the particular emotion evoked by your colour choice. With the right amount of black, for instance, you can achieve a certain class and elegance for your establishment. Using too much and you would turn away your customers since the colour is associated with “evilness” or mourning. Another example is yellow, which can either symbolise optimism and happiness of illness and danger if used wrong. As a Toronto colour consultant, we spent a lot of time studying the various effects of colours to the employees and customers. Call us for a consultation right now.