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 “…Work was done sooner than we planned and an excellent job performed for a very fair price. Just want to say thanks to Murat and his crew for a great experience!”   David Dunlap


ASAP PAINTING is a great place to work. We are not the average painting contractor. We think our employees should make a good living. The value offered to our painters and staff is unheard of in our industry. As a result, we attract great people. During hiring interviews we ask about who you are, not so much about what you can do. Of course we care about what you can do, but we need to know who you are, first and foremost. Being an equal opportunity employer, some of our best painters and job managers are women. We strongly support women painters and in trades.

Everyone qualified, has an equal opportunity for employment or promotion. 

We do not discriminate against race, religion, colour, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, sex or age.

Due to our eco-friendly policies and our choice of low odour paints, exposure to harmful chemicals and solvents is much lower than the industry norm. We are first an environmentally friendly painting contractor. Learn more about our green painting standards.

We offer year round work, with regular pay every 2 weeks. Pay is above average with advancement opportunities.

Training is provided to select painters and apprentices.