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    We have 100% satisfaction rate! Watch some of the video testimonial from our past clients. We make sure you get the best painting service from

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 “…Work was done sooner than we planned and an excellent job performed for a very fair price. Just want to say thanks to Murat and his crew for a great experience!”   David Dunlap



  • $1.25 / Sq. Ft.
  • Liability Insurance
  • 2-Year Guarantee on Work
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Faux Finish Painting
  • Galvanizing and Restoration
  • Friendly Professional Painters
  • No Sub-Contractors

Looking for Painters in Toronto?

Are you tired of the same boring paint of your office? Do you want to inject a sense of excitement in your living room and not sure what colour to pick? Are you looking for a Toronto painter to boost the value of the house you are putting up on the market? Then we are the answer to all your questions.

Professionalism is our calling card

We offer professional painting jobs on just about any exterior and interior structure in greater Toronto area. We cover everything from refurbishing old paint, redoing flawed paint jobs of your previous contractor, adding colour to a drab room, and designing an overall look that will meet even the most fastidious of tastes.

You can hardly see any painter Toronto who can boast of the same experience as our workers. We have dealt with just about any challenge from century-old houses to modern structures with a lot of edges and corners.

Our years of experience taught us that not all clients know what they want in terms of the new paint, so we give them options in crisp and clear images to make the decision easier for them. There are probably a good number of painters in Toronto more affordable than us, and there are probably very few better than us but we can definitely say that we are up there when it comes to offering both.

No cutting corners

Our painter Toronto is trained to never cut corners or miss spots. You can leave for work and come back later with a new paint. You will find no paint runoffs, no tapes on walls and ceiling, no drip on the floor. We even take time to dust off the room so you go home to a cleaner space.

From the moment you call our friendly and courteous staff, we can email you the quotation within 24 hours. The quotation will include the breakdown of the job involved, the materials needed, the expenses and the expected completion. After agreeing on the terms, we can send over a team of the very best painters in Toronto the next day that will finish the job within the specified deadline. Yes, it’s that fast.

Value for money

We are not going to promise you the cheapest rate in town but we are very competitive. Surely, there’s a Toronto painter out there who will give you a less expensive quotation. But we can say that you get the most value out of your money when you hire our services. There’s a quite a bit of gap in quality between buying a Mercedes and your average car, for example.

Unlike other painters in Toronto, we have WSIB business insurance cover and that speaks volumes about how we take care about our workers. We’ve always believed that a satisfied worker is an efficient worker and that will only mean better product.